10+ Marketing Tips the You Need To Grow Your Law Practice

Growing a law practice locally is not the most powerful tool to gain repeat business and future clients. Building an online presence for your law firm is essential to the popularity of online searching and social media

Implementing marketing tips when creating an online prescence & marketing for law firms is a way to solidify your place in the market while boosting your professional reputation. For additional ideas to help grow and expand your law practice, here are some tips specific to attorneys. 

Set a Budget for Online Marketing Campaigns

Set a budget for online marketing campaigns whether you prefer PPC (pay-per-click) ads or if you intend to launch social media marketing campaigns. 

If you plan to advertise on third-party sites individually, research keyword rates and costs before overspending on campaigns before having a better understanding of which methods work best for your target audience. 

Reconnect With Past Clients

Use the development of your website and online presence as an opportunity to reconnect with past clients you have taken on. Reconnect with past clients to ask for a testimonial or review using your website or your social media pages. 

Encourage your past clients to “like” and “follow” your social media pages, which in turn helps to gain new business and prospective clients. 

Launch a Responsive Website

Launch a responsive website that not only loads appropriately on traditional desktop browsers but also on tablet devices and smartphone. 

The internet has expanded dramatically and is accessed using a variety of methods, which is why it is essential to test your website across devices and phones to ensure it loads correctly. 

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Test your website to verify that it is mobile-friendly whether a user is browsing your site using an Android or iOS device. Use online services to test your site on all popular mobile phone devices before launching it and going live. 

When a prospective client is unable to browse or adequately navigate your site once it has loaded, they are much less likely to place their trust in the services you offer and provide. 

Create a Newsletter on Your Website

Create a newsletter on your website and encourage visitors to sign up by providing valuable tools, content, and even free consultations. Having a newsletter is ideal to build a growing list of emails to help keep business flowing and subscribers interested in the legal services you provide.

Build a Strong Online Presence With Social Media

Create a strong online presence with social media pages. Create a social media page for your law firm on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to gain followers with the use of trending hashtags and relatable content. 

Create a Posting Schedule for Your Social Media Pages

Remaining active on social media is necessary when building an online presence and retaining the interest of your current followers and prospective clients. Create a posting schedule that helps to keep you actively producing content and sharing updates with your followers.

Engage Users in Conversation on Social Media

Use social media as a tool to showcase your transparency as well as your commitment to ensuring client satisfaction. Respond to questions, comments, and opinions of your followers to remain open and honest when using social media. Build a loyal and trusting relationship with your followers which in turn leads to additional referrals and new clients in the future. 

Launch Social Media Ad Campaigns to Gain Valuable Insight

Social media platforms such as Facebook offer extensive ad campaign opportunities. Launch ad campaigns using Facebook to learn more about your current followers while gaining valuable insight into prospective clients you intend to target. 

Social media campaigns allow you to specify groups of individuals you want to appeal to based on their interests, occupation, and even those who have already sought out legal help online. 

Hone in on each ad campaign you launch when doing so through social media platforms. Create intricate, sophisticated, robust attacks that allow you to truly resonate with individuals who are in need of a lawyer or legal counsel near you. 

Utilize A/B Testing With Each Marketing Campaign You Launch

A/B testing is exceptionally beneficial when learning more about ad campaigns that work for your intended audience. A/B testing, change keywords, imagery, and overall messaging with each attack, you launch to gain an understanding of which method of communication works best for the demographics you are targeting. 

Tweak campaigns to maximize your online reach using decent graphics, photography, and messaging.

Utilize various marketing tips and tricks when creating an online presence for your business, primarily when you are representing a law firm. 

Knowing how to appeal to prospective clients while sharing campaigns that resonate and relate is essential to create a flow of clients and future business. Click here for additional startup tools & resources for your law firm’s online presence today.

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